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Injection, Blending, Sampling and Analysis

Types :

Additive/Chemical injectors (Anti-icing, Chemical, Colorization, Dye Markers, Electronic, High-pressure, Lubricity enhancers, Metered, Octane enhancers, Odorization-ethyl mercaptain, Piston, Pneumatic), Blending (Two streams up), Chromatograph (Gas, Liquid), Samplers (API/AGA, Crude oil, Gasoline, Natural gas, Water, Automatic or Manual sampling)

Loading Arms, Couplings, Hose, Flexibles, Fittings & Flanges

Types :

Couplings (API, Breakaway, Dry-break, Groove mechanical, Quick), Flanges (Compact, Forged, LWN, Nozzles, Studding outlets), Hose (Chemical, Composite, Ducting, Expansion compensators, Metal), Loading arms (Bottom, Top, Marine), Nozzles (Automatic, Aviation, Filling, Fuel injection, Refueling), Reels (Hose, Static), Repair clamps (Pipeline), Sight flow, Swivels

Tank Fitting & Accessories

Types :

Accumulators and dampeners, Bottom and Foot valves, Closures, Dehydrators, Drains and cocks, Fill caps and adaptors, Flame / detonation arrestors, Floating suctions (Aviation), Gage and inspection hatches, Level indicators, Manholes, Roof structures and seals, Sample ports, Sight windows, Surge tanks, Swing joints, Tank vents (Breather, Emergency, Pressure & Vacuum)

Valves & Actuators

Types :

Ball, Butterfly, Check, Cryogenic, Diaphragm, Flow control, Forged, Gate, Globe, High-pressure, Nuclear, Piggable, Plug, Pneumatic, PVC, Reducing, Safety relief, Sanitary, Set-stop wafer, Solenoid, Tank safety, Valve sealants, Valve pilots, Water diaphragm; Control, Electrical, Electro-Hydraulic, Emergency-shutdown, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Rotary or linear, Solar-powered, Subsea Actuators

Pumps, Compressors and Rotating machinery

Types :

Agitators, Compressors, Pumps (Air operated diaphragm, Agricultural /farm, Centrifugal, Diesel fuel injection, Dispensers (fuel and chemical), Drainage, Drum/ barrel, Gear, Hand-operated, Industrial coolant, Liquid ring, Lobe, LPG, Mascerator, Metering, Positive displacement, Progressive cavity, Sanitary, Self-priming, Sewage, Sumbersible / submerged, Tank truck, Transfer, Turbine, Vacuum, Vane)

Strainers, Separators, Condensers and Filters

Types :

Air eliminator vessels, Air release heads (electric or mechanical), Basket strainers, Cone strainers (start-up), Deaerator tanks, Fuel filters (Automotive, Truck, Marine, Aviation), LPG condensing tanks, Pipeline strainers, Strainers with air elimination heads, Suction diffusers, Temporary strainers, Water drainage separators (automatic or manual), "Y" type strainers

Meters, Sensors and Measurement devices

Types :

Coriolis mass, Impeller, Gauges/Indicators (Pressure, Temperature), Level, Magnetic, Orifice (Flange union, Double and Single Chamber), Positive displacement (Helical rotor, Nutating disc, Oval gear, Roots, Rotary vane, Timing gear), Strain gage target, Transmitters (Density, Pressure, Temperature, Viscosity), Turbine (Gas and Liquid), Ultrasonic, Variable area, Vortex-shedding

Flow Computers and Electronic devuces

Types :

Access control, Bay/gantry controller, Batteries, Card readers, CMOS, Combinators, Converters, Custody-transfer (Gas & Liquid), Digital meters, Electronic batch preset, Explosion-proof transmitters, Flow rate controller, Grounding and overfill, Inverters, Net computation, PID controller, PLCs, Printers, Pulse generators, Relays, RTUs, Solar Powered Systems, Supervisory PC, Transmitters, Totalizers

Pre-Packaged integrated systems

Types :

Addtive skids, Blending skids (Asphalt, Bunker, Chemicals, Dry products, Marine fuels), Skid-mounted metering systems (Very large to small, Automatic or manual, Integrated or modularized, Continuous pipeline or truck gantry batching), Flares, Pig launchers and receivers, Provers (Bidirectional, Piston-cryogenic, Small-volume compact, Unidirectional), Vapor Process Systems and Recovery Units

Other Equipment, Consumables and Tools

Types :

Calibration teststands and benches (Diesel fuel injection pump and electronic engines), Chemicals (Additives, Adhesives, Corrosion prevention and repair, Markers, Repair sealants and puddies, Surfacants), Digital tools, Engine governors and carburation equipment, Fuel modification/conversion kits, Pigs and spheres, Pipeline markers, Plugs (Top and Bottom), Pneumatic line thrower, Special tools