Application Engineering for Client
Consulting (for Specific Technical Applications only)
Hydraulic Problem Solving and Troubleshooting
Development of Specifications and First Stage Design
Equipment Sizing and Estimation (Budgetary)
System Integration, Configuration, and Optimization
Project Coordination with Foreign and Local Parties
Field Service Engineering
Orientation, Training and Documentation of Equipment
Equipment System Documentation (Installation, Maintenance, Operation, Spares, Sketches, P&ID's/Drawings, and As-built Blueprints)
References to all available International and National Standards (API, AGA, ANSI, ASME, ASTM, AWS, AWWA, BASEEFA, BS, CENELEC, CN, CSA, DOT, IEC, IP, ISA, MC, MIL, NEMA, NIST, etc.)


Crating/Packaging, Shipping and Delivery to Site
Site Installation of Equipment and System Upgrades
Product and System Testing, Commissioning and Start-up
Local Electronic Repair Service and Electrical Loop Checking (Wiring)
Meter Proving per API, Thai Weights and Measures, Department of Mineral Resources (DMR), Customs, and Excise
Hose Cutting and Assembly with Fittings to Suit
Pump and Valve Repair and Testing
Welding and Repair of Steel Castings
Water, Oil and Gas (WOG) Pipeline Repair Fittings
Hot Tapping Oil and Gas Pipelines Under Pressure
Flange Surface Machining and Repair
Bolt Tensioning Services for Refinery, Gas Separation Plant and Power Plant Maintenance Shutdown
Rust and Corrosion Prevention Systems with Specialty Paints and Surfacants for Steel and Concrete
Additive Injection Repair and Calibration with Certification
Service All Brands and Makes of many types of Equipment
Instrumentation Testing, Calibration, and Set-up
Preventative Maintenance and Warranty Services

Worldwide Procurement Services
Import and Export Processing and Logistics
Shipping and Freight Forwarding to All-Points Domestic and Third-Countries
Product Insurance and Warranty
Financing Arrangements
Currency Exchange Rate Risk Mitigation through Post-Averaging or Other Risk-Mitigation Techniques
Customs Clearance and Equipment Registration and Local Certification
Local Stock of Spare Parts (Blanket Order Contracts, when justifiable)
Product Documentation in Local Language (Technical Translation Service)


Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Testing and Diagnosis
Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Disassembly
Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Repair
Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Calibration
Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Warranty
Diesel Fuel Injection Nozzle Testing and Repair
Diesel Fuel Filtration and Additives
Engine/Generator Horsepower Output Adjustment and Modification
Complete Stock of Diesel Engine Spare Parts including Pumps, Filters and Nozzles

Foundry Castings in Aluminium, Steel, Iron, Brass, Bronze up to 500+ kgs.
Machining Precision Components to +/- 0.03 mm
Fabrication, Welding and Assembly to 100+ tons
Wiring and Electronic Integration
Software Programming in English and Local Language
Demonstration Unit of supplied equipment and accessories