The Tanarak Co., Ltd. was founded in 1952 by Chulalongkorn University graduate engineer, Mr. Prasert Sakoltanarak. The Tanarak Co., Ltd. was a specialist engineering house providing construction services for numerous industrial projects large and small. Since the remainder of our introduction centers on The Tanarak Co., Ltd. we will devote a few words regarding an affiliate company, Jain Sakoltanarak Architects Co., Ltd. for the sake of history.

Mr. Prasert Sakoltanarak's younger brother, Mr. Jain Sakoltanarak, graduated from Chulalongkorn University (B.Arch.) and Cornell University (M.Arch.) in the U.S.A. and upon his return to Thailand in 1957, began work as a staff architect at the Thai Tobacco Monopoly (T.T.M.). His participation in the design of The Press Building for the Publishing Division office of the Prime Minister impressed the late Prime Minister-Marshall Sarit Thanarat, which resulted in subsequent appointment by the Prime Minister for more projects both for the government activities and his own private projects. The acceptance by clients led to the resignation from the T.T.M. and the foundation of Jain Sakoltanarak Architects Co., Ltd. in 1961. From 1962 to 1973, Jain Sakoltanarak's achievements included many buildings around Bangkok including banks, hotels, hospitals, university buildings, warehouses, apartments, residential buildings, homes, and government buildings.

Mr. Jain Sakoltanarak passed away in November 1973, and sometime later Mr. Prasert Sakoltanarak passed away in December 1991. The Tanarak Co., Ltd. is currently governed by Mr. Prasert and Jain Sakoltanarak's younger brother and sister, Mr. Apipong Sakoltanarak, Managing Director, and Ms. Ampha Sakoltanarak, Deputy Managing Director. Mr. Apipong Sakoltanarak was formerly an ex-official of the Thai Tobacco Monopoly (T.T.M.) and Ms. Ampha Sakoltanarak was employed in her previous capacity by the Anglo-Thai multinational, Borneotech, part of the Inchcape Group of Companies. The management of The Tanarak Co., Ltd. continues to maintain strong professional contacts throughtout industry and the public sector, and is proud of the long history of achievement and service which has typified the family.