The Tanarak Co., Ltd.
  is a supplier of engineered  solutions 
to  the petroleum, chemical and fluid - handling industries in
Thailand. We provide application  engineering  assistance,
large stock of inventory,and after - sales service support for our

Our  customers  operate  and  own  oil  and  gas  pipelines, oil
terminals (fuel depots), oil tanker fleets, offshore rigs/platforms,
refineries, gas separation plants,lube blending plants,petrochemical plants, chemical plants,powerplants and
a  host  of  other  industrial  plants which process and distribute

Our  firm  specializes in the systems used to meter and control

many of the industrial fluids (liquids and gases) in these major processes.

Our product line includes tank fittings, valves and actuators, pumps, strainers, meters and related instrumentation,
flow computers, couplings, flanges, hose and pipe fittings, injection and sampling systems, pipeline spheres and pigs, and pre-packaged skid-mounted integrated systems.